Misfueled in UK? Worry not, call Dr Fuel and get rid of the Problem

Misfueling is one the biggest issue faced by majority of machine users everywhere in world. Dealing with wrong fuel is a big deal for a layman. It is not easy to remove the wrong fuel from engine and get it recovered with a safe condition. One should be very careful while choosing a right company to get wrong fuel removed from your engine. Whether you have poured wrong fuel in your car engine or misfueled you generator, Dr Fuel is the right place for you to get it right.

About Us

Dr Fuel is a fuel recovery mobile company which operates nationwide in UK offering 24/7 hours services to facilitate customers. We offer fuel recovery services for both petrol and diesel misfuelling in UK. We offer fastest response with 30 – 90 minutes all over in UK no matter where you have gone stuck. We ensure that contaminated fuel gets recovered without harming your engine. We are concerned for providing fast fuel recovery services for customers to keep them contented. We have mobile service which moves place to place as per needs of our customers to help them in the hour of need.

We provide fuel retrievel services for all type of vehicle ranging from simple engines to most complexed ones in UK. Our customers don’t need to move their vehicles to repair center to get it corrected. The most critical part of fuel recovery is ensuring that the engine stay safe from harmful effects of wrong fuel. We share stress of our customers for recovery of their engines by providing them prompt service.

Our Services       

We are 24 hours available fuel recovery mobile service in UK. Our service is available for all customers nationawide. Our services are provided in compliance with all relevant legislations in UK. We offer removal service for contaminated fuel Sutton coldfield in a single, safe and controlled manner. We also offer our customers to get free fuel for keep the car going till destination or nearby fuel station.

Our Staff

Our staff members are expert and qualified in wrong fuel recovery. They esnure to make drivers feel safe with their skilled services, professional manner and friendly attitude. Our technical support staff ensures that that each job is completed efficiently and effectively. We conduct regular training sessions for our staff members to keep them up to date and trained. Our staff members are A.D.R and S.P.A license holder. The customer support team of Dr Fuel is supportive, dedicated and professional.

Contact Us

No matter where you have got stuck by misfuelling your car engine or have poured wrong fuel in any of your other engine. You can contact us 24 hours and 7 days of a week. we are mobile service provider available for you anywhere in UK. Call us anythime on our mobile number to avail our service or get free of cost quote i.e. 0800 917 7033

Mr Fuel saved our trip by providing instant wrong fuel recovery service

Having a bunch of good friends is the best thing one can have in life. We are group of 6 friends connected since school days. We made number of good memories by visiting different places inside and outside UK and having regular hangouts during school and college days. Even after we were done with college studies, we kept in touch and continued hangouts. This made us stronger and never let any distance fade our bonding. On New Year eve of 2018, we decided to plan a barbeque night in suburbs of London to recall those several years eves which we celebrated together.

The plan was flawless and we arranged a barbeque sight and also planned to explore surrounding areas of London together. Everything was just perfect and by 2 PM on 31st December, we left home. Being outside London, it took 1.5 hours to reach inside central London and further 45 minutes to reach the destination we had planned for barbeque night. We had a plan to setup barbeque and sitting arrangements after that we would set out for exploring London suburbs and about 10 PM we had to reach back to the set location. We hired two jeeps for this purpose and set out for visiting side areas of London.

It was a really pleasant sight and we kept on wandering and exploring different areas for almost two hours. At one point I realized that our vehicle had gone lost somewhere and our friends were left behind somewhere else. The mobile connectivity was low and we were not able to reach them through phone. Moving the jeep, at one side line, I saw our second jeep was stopped at a point and my friend was trying to fix something in its engine. I stopped the jeep and asked about the problem, he stated that he doubts the jeep has misfueled.

I had no idea about wrong fuel recovery but I had once called Mr Fuel for recovery of wrong fuel from my house generator. I luckily found their number in my contact list, fortunately they picked up my call at first ring. I shared the whole matter, the representative of Mr Fuel responded fast and we had their team with us within coming 30 minutes despite of distant location.

They checked the engine in detailed and told my friend that he had put wrong fuel in jeep. We got worried as we had hired those cars on self-drive service, in case of any damage we could had to pay huge sum as compensation. They immediately changed the wrong fuel using their latest pumps and other equipment. The team of Mr Fuel removed the effects of misfueling and provided us fuel for reaching nearby gas station as well. The immediate and high quality service of Mr Fuel not only saved us from huge loss but also let us enjoy our New Year eve as we had planned.

They provide wrong fuel recovery service nationwide in UK. You can also call them for removal of wrong fuel from any kind of engine by calling them on 0800 917 7033 or 07717 620 630.

Dr. Fuel cares for instant recovery of misfueling from your car engine

Vehicle maintenance is not only a costly process, but it requires deliberateness and proper consideration. Every type of vehicle and machine engine has to be managed and regulated properly to avoid trivial issues and increase its life span. One of the major problems while using vechiels people often face is mis-fueling of their vehicle engine. If you have misfueled your car engine and don’t have any clue how to get it recovered instantly, Dr. Fuel is always available at your disposal in London.

fuel drainage london

Dr. Fuel is a wrong fuel recovery company who aims at removing wrong fuel from vehicle and other engines instantly. There are several fuel recovery companies operating in London but we have specialized features which differentiate us from other companies. There are several reasons for what our customers should choose us:

  • 24 hours fuel recovery service
  • Instant service
  • Highly experienced technicians
  • Latest equipment and fuel recovery mobile
  • Offering services all over UK
  • Flushing and priming the fuel system as required
  • Free fuel to get you going again
  • A dedicated customer support team
  • Liaising with local authorities on your behalf
  • The Removal of contaminated fuel Sutton Coldfield in a single, safe and controlled manner

If you are using a car, motorcycle, truck, generator or any other vehicle or machine. You can contact us anytime for recovery of wrong fuel. The satisfaction rate of our customers is quiet high. We try our best to not only serve valued customers within time but also given them proper guideline how they can avoid any unfavorable situation next time. In case of non-availability of fuel with our customers, we also provide them complimentary fuel to reach on their destinations in emergency. You can take reviews of our customers who availed our services visiting testimonial section of our official website http://www.drfuel.co.uk/testimonials/.

We provide free of charge quote to our customers on prompt basis. No matter where you have gone stuck in UK, the team of our experts will reach you within an hour. We offer 24 hour fuel excavation service with up to date mobile with all tools and equipment. Our company comply with relevant legislation for fuel retrieval and transportation of contaminated liquids. We hold both A.D.R and S.P.A licenses. We have latest fleet and equipment with high standards and flawless quality.     Our waste fuel tanks are UN certified which are used for carriage of waste fuel.

wrong fuel recovery

The pumps of our mobile vehicle and equipment are ATEX approved for use with Petroleum products and comply with BS standards. We have EN 1360 certification for use with petroleum products. We maintain our vehicle as per strict time criteria for proper recovery of fuel any time. If you are worried for mis-fueling your vehicle due to any reason, we are just one call away from you anywhere in UK. Call us now on 0800-917-7033. For more details you can visit our official website www.drfuel.co.uk. We are your supporting hand to solve your problems timely.

Efficient doctor for your vehicle engine to cure misfueling

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Several times in life we face quiet uncertain situations that we don’t even know how to get rid of them. We truly need saviors and external hands to take us out of such awkward and uncertain situations. The same thing happened to me 3 weeks back when I planned with a group of my college friends to go on bike ride on country side of Birmingham. We were super excited as it was our first outside journey with our favorite activity i.e. bike riding. We left the city by 9:35 am in morning and kept on moving slowly till 10:45. Everything was just fine and I was having one of the most exciting experiences of my life.

We were a group of 5 bikers, meanwhile my best friend asked me to get on a separate side which was out of our planned route but due to wide row of daffodils and greenery, we really felt attracted to move on that path. We set destination with rest of three members of our group and told them to join after exact 30 minutes on our planned route. It was such a tempting serene sight, we felt we are moving a path way of heaven. Everything was more exciting than we actually imagined until my bike got stuck with big hurdle and it slipped right on the bank of the daffodils lake.

Luckily I got escaped from slipping inside the lake but the fuel tank of my bike got leaked. Due to leakage of fuel, I had to use spare bottle of fuel I had with me. God knows what went wrong but the fuel caused damage to the engine of the bike and it completely got stuck. I did not risk waiting for things to get settled and immediately called Dr Fuel on 0800-917-7033 as we had already taken their services 2 months back when our tractor got order of order due to misfueling. As expect the expert team of professional technician of Dr Fuel was with use despite of such distant location on country side. Dr. Fuel, being one of the most reliable companies in UK when it comes to tackling diesel in a petrol engine or petrol in a diesel engine issues in the highly professional way.

wrong fuel recovery

I narrated the initial details to the technician who seemed quiet expert in his job. He immediately removed fuel from my bike using his equipment and washed it using several chemicals. It was a lengthy process, in short he took all precautionary measure to ensure safety of the engine of my brand new bike and also provided me free fuel to keep going till nearest gas station. It was again a best experience with Dr Fuel, initially they had also provided quality service for evacuating wrong fuel from the engine of our tractor. Not only this I was charged very reasonable as compare to other fuel recovery companies.

Just because of Dr Fuel my trip did not end up being stuck in the middle of a worst scenario. I completed my trip as per our planning and came home happily making huge pleasing memories. I recommend everyone in my family and social circle to take Dr Fuel, fuel recovery services. You can also call them or visit their website for more details http://www.drfuel.co.uk.

If you have misfueled your engine, Dr Fuel is the best solution available in UK

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Misfueling is a common mistake almost everyone does once in their life. Whether it is engine of your vehicle, generator, tractor or any kind of machine, wrong fuel can ruin life of the engine. If wrong fuel has been filled in the engine of your vehicle, the first thing you need to do is to remove it by calling an expert fuel removing team. There are several fuel recovery companies and workshops working but few offer 100% success rate. Dr Fuel is the name of reliability and assurance when it comes to safe removal of wrong fuel from the engine of your vehicle or any machine.

Dr Fuel is concerned about emergency needs of its customers with fast response, qualified technicians, specialist vehicles and coverage. We are available 24/7 for quality service anywhere you need us in Birmingham, Nottingham. We deal with incorrect fueling, wrong fuel rescue, fuel drain London and misfueling recovery. We have expert team of technicians who can understand the intensity of the emergent situation at shortest time to limit the damaging impact of wrong fuel poured in your vehicle.

We are a professional and innovative fuel recovery company in Birmingham who offer their quality and cost efficient services to deal with frustrating task of wrong fuel recovery. No matter where you stuck whether at your home or in the middle of your destination, we are always at your disposal to assure safety of your vehicles engine. Our expert team of technicians is aware of multiple kind of situations which not only address issues of clients in shortest time span but also deal with critical situations in a delicate way to ensure safety principles.

wrong fuel recovery

Our technical support is available 24/7 and we ensure arrival with you within half hour no matter how far you are. We have dealt with clients who were stuck on distant locations where even gas stations are not available nearby. Our professional technicians are equipped with quality tools and latest equipment to sort out issues technically and in a safe way.

Our specialties which make us superior over our rivals in UK include 24/7 hours availability, fully equipped and professional team of technicians, latest recovery vehicle workshop, free fuel for customers to get them going again, and priming of fuel system to enhance its life time. We ensure removal of contaminated fuel Sutton cold field in a controlled manner. We transport, sort and dispose contaminated fuel by following EA and A.D.R guidelines. Our contaminated fuel recovery fleet is latest and in tidy condition to meet the highest standards. We ensure maintenance of equipment on regular basis. Our equipment pumps are fully ATEX approved for usage purpose and all of our equipment pipes are certified to EN1360 for use with petroleum products. You can call us anytime on 0800-917-7033 or 07717-620-630. You can also visit our official website http://www.drfuel.co.uk for more details. We are here to serve you to deal with any kind of panic situation you face. Your satisfaction is our priority.


Best solution provider for wrong fuel recovery

wrong fuel recovery

Getting troubled with your vehicle and being stuck in the middle of your destination is the worst feeling on can have. You can’t hold up under any mischief to your best amigo same like that, if your bike escapes arrange, stress and anxiety is normal. The most pathetic feeling is when it is your very own negligence and senseless oversight, the circumstance gets even most exceedingly awful. Same thing transpired last month back to me. My bike stalled out and I was not ready to discover any hint what turned out badly with it. Out of no arrangement, I got out and opened up top of hat. I made couple of calls to nearby gas stations yet neglected to get any reaction. After a long hunt in my bike’s secondary lounge, I found a half gallon of diesel.

Being mistaken for pouring diesel in wrong side of bike, I further into trouble while solving the problem. After consistent effort of 20 minutes, I was able to remove diesel from my bike hole but still, the bike was not ready to get started. As a last attempt I poured the oil in right tank hole trusting that it will enable me to move to the close-by petroleum to station. But all in vain, it even created and added to my problem. The bike was not even showing even a single gesture to get started.  I called my colleague for help whom I was expecting nearby. He was not available due to his overtime in office however he recommended me to call Dr Fuel. I never heard about this company but as I had no other option, hesitatingly I called them at 0800-917-7033

After calling a couple of minutes I had a team of Dr Fuel with me at the middle of my destination. The team of Dr Fuel team right away recuperated my bike by evacuating petrol from wrong hole in engine. The team likewise depleted my entire bike to evade any misfortune because of miss-powering. They dealt with my bike far and away and expelled the wrong fuel from bike yet additionally settled a few little bugs in bike which couldn’t distinguish. Dr Fuel team had a convenient workshop on their vehicle which was furnished with most recent hardware for bike repair and upkeep. The team appeared to be master in their activity and I felt so relieved because of their quality administration. They likewise imparted definite rules to me that how might I stay away from any such circumstance in future. Not just this, Dr Fuel team charged extremely reasonable rates for whole procedure.

If you get stuck in any situation like me where you need instant fuel recovery from engine of any of your vehicle, equipment or machine, just ring them on You can also call them at 0800-917-7033 to recover wrong fuel from your car, bike, generator or any other machine or visit their website for more details http://www.drfuel.co.uk/.

Dr. Fuel: A true savior in the hour of need

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No doubt a car is one’s best buddy. You can’t bear any harm to your best buddy same like that, if your car gets out of order, stress waves are natural. And when it is because of your own silly mistake, the situation gets even worst. Same thing happened to me one week back. I was coming back from my friend’s wedding. She had a destination wedding where few petrol pumps were available. My car got stuck and I was not able to find out any clue what went wrong with it. Out of no solution, I got out and opened up lid of bonnet. All I could understand was that my car went out of fuel. I got chilling feeling in my backbone as it was 12:13 AM and I had no fuel backup in my car. I googled and tried to call few nearby petrol stations but failed to get any response. After a long search in my car’s back seat, I found a half gallon of diesel.

Being confused for using diesel instead of petrol, I tried to call few helplines related to my problem. After continuous attempt of 45 minutes, due to distortion in network and lack of information available on internet, I poured the diesel gallon in petrol tank hoping that it will help me to move to the nearby petrol station. And the outcome was just horrible. In-short I had to run out of my car due to smoke and smell of engine burning. i called my best friend when left with no other solution and she recommended me to contact Dr Fuel at 0800-917-7033 for instant service. Within few minutes I had a team of Dr Fuel with me at the distant location where mobile signals were not easily available. Dr Fuel team instantly recovered my engine by removing diesel.

The team also drained my whole engine to avoid any loss due to miss-fueling. They took care of my car even better than me and no only removed the wrong fuel from engine but also fixed several small bugs in engine which could not even detect. Dr fuel team had a portable workshop on their vehicle which was equipped with latest equipment for car repair and maintenance. The team seemed expert in their job and I felt so relieved due to their quality service. They also shared detailed guidelines with me that how can I avoid any such situation in future.

Not only this, Dr Fuel team charged very reasonable rates for who service process and did not charge extra for reaching me at a distant location during an odd period of night. I considered it as my good luck that my friend recommended me such quality car fuel related issues repair company. They offer quality services for small and large vehicles, equipment and machines in industries and factories as well. If you get stuck in any situation like me where you need instant.

fuel recovery from engine of any of your vehicle, equipment or machine, just ring them on 0800-917-7033. You can also visit their website for more details http://www.drfuel.co.uk/. My first choice for any of fuel related issue of my car issue is Dr Fuel for sure.

Need instant wrong fuel recovery? Dr. Fuel is the ultimate solution

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A wrong fuel issue can turnout as a night mare for anyone especially when a person has to attend a meeting, leave for sports event or get back to home after a long tiring day. People who out of urgency pour wrong fuel in their car engine get stuck in the middle of a worst scenario. There are many wrong fuel recovery companies who claim to be best in market but they hardly meet the criteria of quality service like affordable rates and 24/7 service at any location nationwide like Dr. Fuel.

Dr. Fuel is the well-known fuel recovery company along with fuel drainage services. It is ranked as one of the top fuel recovery companies nationwide which offers affordable services any time, at any place. This company offers complimentary services to its customers like fuel management, engine drainage and other small bug without hug charges. Dr. Fuel is like an expert doctor for recovery of your vehicles (cars, motorcycles, trucks, busses etc.), equipment (generator, machines, appliances and engines etc.). The company aims at meeting customer need of a perfect and smooth engine no matter how intense a problem is.

Dr. Fuel has expert team which can resolve your engine issues in minimum time duration. Not only this, our portable work stations and workshops help you by reaching in minutes even when you are stuck in a bad situation at a distant location. The demonstrable skills of Dr. Fuel staff members and latest equipment help it to provide ease to troubled clients without huge costs and high charges. Besides wrong fuel recovery, the company also offers engine maintenance and fuel waste management services at reasonable prices. Fuel management services are very important for long term effective functioning of your engines whether you vehicles or any other equipment.

Dr. Fuel staff members have S.P.A and A.D.R licenses under pertinent law for guaranteed and secure services. Customer reviews for Dr. Fuel services have shown a satisfaction level of 99.4%. 24/7 availability, under your approach in any location and low prices from rivals are the basic qualities which make it superior from its competitors. Your satisfaction level is our priority for this reason we have earned respect and trust of our customer list.

You can contact us on our toll free number anytime. We offer quality services for small and large vehicles, equipment and machines in industries and factories as well. If you get stuck in any situation like me where you need instant fuel recovery from engine of any of your vehicle, equipment or machine, just ring us on 0800-917-7033.

You can also visit our website for more details http://www.drfuel.co.uk/. Don’t wait for the stopping of your car to avail amazing services of the company for health of your vehicles and machines engines. Pick up the phone and get prompt membership for long term effectiveness of your vehicles and other engines. Dr. Fuel, fuel Recovery Company is the second name of reliability and quality service.


Dr Fuel – Round the clock services of fuel drainage at your specific location!

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When you’re off to work or have important event to attend and wind up in the midst of the bedlam of wrong fuel in car, it could look like your worst nightmare coming true. Getting in time for something exceedingly urgent could well be deferred, just adding to your anxiety levels. In this critical point in time distressed motorists would call for recuperation operators and be compelled to pay crazy measure of cash. Not many people can afford to pay steeping prices more so amid chaos like this.

Dr. Fuel is one such company that can be reached out anytime and anywhere. They operate nationwide and are available through their help lines, 24/7 throughout the week, month year so there is no way you can’t reach out to them if need be. If you got diesel in a petrol engine or petrol in a diesel engine or need fuel drainage services, they definitely have you covered.

Fuel waste management is a specialized undertaking and if the individual isn’t gifted in taking care of this task it could just lead to greater harm and further dissatisfaction. So to maintain a safe distance from any more misfortunate events, it is smarter to believe somebody who has the correct expert information and overall diligence to deal with your catch-22, in the most efficient and tireless form.

Their portable vehicles are built with amazingly stable design and are as per the pertinent law.  Their trained staff holds both S.P.A and A.D.R Licenses so they can well guarantee protected and secure transfer of wrong fuel.

Being available round the clock gives them an edge over rival companies and their pricing is the most reasonable as compared as well. Be it a generator, truck, agricultural vehicles – they have it all under their radar and can fix them in no time.

Their services are high in quality and they complete their tasks with perfection. They don’t leave even an ounce of disappointment in their customers. Customer satisfaction is at the peak of their priorities and this is why in this span of time they have gained the respect and trust of their customers who keep coming back to them for help again and again.

Dr.Fuel represents considerable authority in dealing with troubled clients with most extreme care and demonstrable skill set. Above all, their staff is so well-prepared and every one of them is accessible round the clock. You can call them at any time and find yourself in the good care of this expert company who are willing to assist you literally at your beck and call. They have portable fuel drainage vehicles to reach to your location in less than hour, so unlike other companies, they ensure the work is carried out in the least amount of time and in the least amount of hassle to the valued customer!

Don’t wait anymore and benefit as much as possible from their splendid administration while you can, call Dr.Fuel specifically on their toll free number: 0800 917 7033. Visit their website www.drfuel.co.uk to get a heads up on all the great offers they are making!

You got petrol in diesel engine? No problem – place your trust in Dr.Fuel

wrong fuel in my car

Nothing is, by all accounts, more annoying than misunderstanding the fuel in your vehicle and causing a deferral in your timetable. Following repairing and settling everyone, can be both time-taking and exhausting. A great many people would presumably go for a recuperation specialist to enable them to repair their ride through car merchants/auto focus which would be an extra cost, in addition to the physical stress that they would experience completing this task. Is there any company that can plan out better fuelling and not charge ridiculous amounts of money? Yes, there is! Here you will find the solution to your much unforeseen dilemma. Dr. Fuel is the one to reach out to, if you ever find yourself with wrong fuel in car as they know exactly how to whisk you out of your situation in no time!

Dr. Fuel has a hard-earned reputation that precedes itself. Having a long established client base, they have proven time and again that they really are an epitome of reliability and an access to fast solutions. Their team of professionals have carved a niche and built a trust factor in customers all round the UK.

The best thing about them is their absolute dedication to their work and above all, customer satisfaction which is of extreme importance to them. They will never leave even an ounce of disappointment in their valued customer, knowing that they will never come back if left disillusioned. So they finish their task from start to finish with sheer professionalism and sincerity. Also as they are available 24/7 round the clock so you need not worry about meeting your bad fate at the ‘wrong’ time because there is no time constraint. Just a call away, Dr. Fuel knows how to do a wrong fuel recovery!

Having petrol in diesel engine in auto is conceivably the direst thing to happen to any voyager. It is vexing, as well as abandons you in a halt, making you ponder where to go from here. Dr Fuel knows how to handle all your vehicular issues with finesse and they even give you free fuel so you are up and on the go, without worrying about fuel drainage and other such issues!

Their staff can cooperate and very much prepared in customer dealing. The company prides itself over its well-equipped, productive and expert staff, which can meet all your requirements and totally understanding the unpleasant circumstance you are in.

For them, managing everything calmly with troubled clients is a key to their prosperity. There are such a large number of individuals who neglect to comprehend the essential issue –and that is – guaranteeing that their customer is calm and totally safe in the learning that they are presently in great hands. So it’s safe to say wrong fuel recovery is their forte; essentially, they are a one-stop answer for any distressed driver out there!

On the off chance that you ever wind up in such a circumstance, you don’t have to fret – just connect with your guardian angel, Dr. Fuel to whisk you out of this riotous situation in the blink of an eye!

Your search for the best company is officially over, we’re hoping! You can call us right away on 0800 917 7033 and ask us all your queries. For more information do visit their site: http://www.drfuel.co.uk/