About us

About Dr Fuel Retrieval Service

Dr Fuel is a totally unique professional and innovative company, providing fuel retrieval, wrong fuel rescue and incorrect fueling service. Many motorists find themselves facing the problem of incorrect fueling. They then have the task of moving and repairing the vehicle, which can be both time consuming and a frustrating task. This can also be very costly, either to the motorist or the fleet company that own the vehicle.

Dr Fuel attends to the stranded motorist, complete with specialist skills, equipment and the knowledge. Cutting out the need for patrol to attend or a recovery agent to transport the vehicle to the dealer/ autocentre for repair.

Customer Care

Dr Fuel is very aware that some cases the misfuelling of a vehicle can be a very stressful and upsetting time for some drivers. All our staff undertakes customer service courses to ensure the driver is made to feel at ease and dealt with in a calm, polite and professional manner. Technical support team is available to ensure that completion of every job is done correctly and effectively.


All our technicians are constantly monitored and trained on all aspects of the job from meet and greet to safe disposal of contaminated fuel.

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