Facts about Misfueling

Facts about Misfueling

The number of motorist who have misfueled has doubled over the last 12 years and have cost motorists upto £750 million. It is estimated that atleast 150,000 drivers misfuel each year – genarating around 7.5 million litres of contaminated fuel each year.

There are an estimated 175,000 misfuels in the UK each year.

95% of them are people putting petrol into diesel vehicles due to the wider diesel filler neck and narrower unleaded nozzle.

Growing problem over last five years due to the high sales of diesel cars, improved and refined diesel engine technology and the rise of multi-car ownership.

Largely a UK problem – continental Europe has had a higher penetration of diesel cars for longer, so it’s not as big an issue.

Can be very expensive for some vehicle owners: manufacturers often recommend change of parts (as high as £5,000+) and garages often charge £300+ for a fuel drain.

So, if you do put the wrong fuel in your car, remember that Fuel Doctor is only an hour away from you anywhere in the UK.

AA Fuel Drain Service

Dr Fuel has dedicated vehicles equipped with aa fuel draining service units that have a UN certified tank capacity of 300 litres. Our fuel drain solution based in  London, Manchester and Solihull ensures that the wrong fuel is drained from your car’s engine and disposed of appropriately according to the requirements of environmental agencies.

We offer 24 hour fuel drain service that you can access online or by the call. Try us now and we will get to you within the shortest time possible.

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