Our Services

Dr Fuel Services

We offer a 24 hours mobile fuel evacuation service and all our vehicles are modified for the job in hand.

They are constructed in accordance with sound engineering practice and comply with all relevant legislation with regards to fuel retrieval and the transportation of contaminated liquids.

All work including the disposal of contaminated fuel is carried out in a very safe, controlled and profession manner by trained operatives holding both A.D.R & S.P.A licenses.

What services do we offer?

  • 24 hour mobile fuel evacuation
  • Fully qualified and experienced technicians
  • Dedicated specialist vehicles all fitted to strict A.D.R/ E A guidelines
  • Liaising with local authorities on your behalf
  • The Removal of contaminated fuel Sutton Coldfield in a single, safe and controlled manner
  • Flushing and priming the fuel system as required
  • Free fuel to get you going again
  • Transporting, storing and disposal of contaminated fuel, following EA guidelines
  • A dedicated customer support team
  • As you can see, we offer a complete solution which is economical effective and alternative to the traditional methods used by other organisations.


Our fleet are always presented in a clean and tidy condition, equipment to the highest standards, with all equipment maintained on regular basis, the waste fuel tanks are UN certified for the carriage of waste fuel. The pumps are fully ATEX approved for use with petroleum products and comply with BS standards. All of the pipes and connections are certified to EN1360 for the use with petroleum products. Ours vans are always maintained to highest standards, according to a strict time criteria and documented.

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