What is misfuelling?

Misfuelling is when you put the wrong fuel into a vehicle.

Does Misfuelling Harm My Car?

Yes, misfuelling (the act of accidentally putting unleaded fuel in your diesel car) can and will harm your car. When the fuel enters the fuel system or engine the vehicle will not only stall and run poorly but you can severely damage the engine. It can easily ruin the injectors due to a lack of lubrication.

Does my breakdown cover really not cover misfuelling?

Misfuelling is usually not covered by your manufacturer or breakdown assistance provider unless stated otherwise. However, most will tow your car to a local dealer or garage for repair; recovery beyond this is normally chargeable.

What is a SPA license?

The SPA Passport is a national scheme managed by the Safety Pass Alliance and is aimed at all contractors who undertake work for clients in the Petrol Retail industry.

Working on petrol filling station forecourts presents some special issues, not least the safety of the public. For this reason SPA, UKPIA and its members have developed the Petrol retail Passport to ensure that workers in the industry and particularly contractors working on forecourts are trained to meet specified standards.

What is ADR license?

ADR (European Agreement Concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road)

This European Agreement aims at increasing the safety of the transportation of dangerous goods (including dangerous wastes) by road. Dangerous goods are classified according to their dangerous physical and chemical properties.