Efficient doctor for your vehicle engine to cure misfueling

Efficient doctor for your vehicle engine to cure misfueling

Several times in life we face quiet uncertain situations that we don’t even know how to get rid of them. We truly need saviors and external hands to take us out of such awkward and uncertain situations. The same thing happened to me 3 weeks back when I planned with a group of my college friends to go on bike ride on country side of Birmingham. We were super excited as it was our first outside journey with our favorite activity i.e. bike riding. We left the city by 9:35 am in morning and kept on moving slowly till 10:45. Everything was just fine and I was having one of the most exciting experiences of my life.

We were a group of 5 bikers, meanwhile my best friend asked me to get on a separate side which was out of our planned route but due to wide row of daffodils and greenery, we really felt attracted to move on that path. We set destination with rest of three members of our group and told them to join after exact 30 minutes on our planned route. It was such a tempting serene sight, we felt we are moving a path way of heaven. Everything was more exciting than we actually imagined until my bike got stuck with big hurdle and it slipped right on the bank of the daffodils lake.

Luckily I got escaped from slipping inside the lake but the fuel tank of my bike got leaked. Due to leakage of fuel, I had to use spare bottle of fuel I had with me. God knows what went wrong but the fuel caused damage to the engine of the bike and it completely got stuck. I did not risk waiting for things to get settled and immediately called Dr Fuel on 0800-917-7033 as we had already taken their services 2 months back when our tractor got order of order due to misfueling. As expect the expert team of professional technician of Dr Fuel was with use despite of such distant location on country side. Dr. Fuel, being one of the most reliable companies in UK when it comes to tackling diesel in a petrol engine or petrol in a diesel engine issues in the highly professional way.

wrong fuel recovery

I narrated the initial details to the technician who seemed quiet expert in his job. He immediately removed fuel from my bike using his equipment and washed it using several chemicals. It was a lengthy process, in short he took all precautionary measure to ensure safety of the engine of my brand new bike and also provided me free fuel to keep going till nearest gas station. It was again a best experience with Dr Fuel, initially they had also provided quality service for evacuating wrong fuel from the engine of our tractor. Not only this I was charged very reasonable as compare to other fuel recovery companies.

Just because of Dr Fuel my trip did not end up being stuck in the middle of a worst scenario. I completed my trip as per our planning and came home happily making huge pleasing memories. I recommend everyone in my family and social circle to take Dr Fuel, fuel recovery services. You can also call them or visit their website for more details https://www.drfuel.co.uk.

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