Dr. Fuel: A true savior in the hour of need

Dr. Fuel: A true savior in the hour of need

No doubt a car is one’s best buddy. You can’t bear any harm to your best buddy same like that, if your car gets out of order, stress waves are natural. And when it is because of your own silly mistake, the situation gets even worst. Same thing happened to me one week back. I was coming back from my friend’s wedding. She had a destination wedding where few petrol pumps were available. My car got stuck and I was not able to find out any clue what went wrong with it. Out of no solution, I got out and opened up lid of bonnet. All I could understand was that my car went out of fuel. I got chilling feeling in my backbone as it was 12:13 AM and I had no fuel backup in my car. I googled and tried to call few nearby petrol stations but failed to get any response. After a long search in my car’s back seat, I found a half gallon of diesel.

Being confused for using diesel instead of petrol, I tried to call few helplines related to my problem. After continuous attempt of 45 minutes, due to distortion in network and lack of information available on internet, I poured the diesel gallon in petrol tank hoping that it will help me to move to the nearby petrol station. And the outcome was just horrible. In-short I had to run out of my car due to smoke and smell of engine burning. i called my best friend when left with no other solution and she recommended me to contact Dr Fuel at 0800-917-7033 for instant service. Within few minutes I had a team of Dr Fuel with me at the distant location where mobile signals were not easily available. Dr Fuel team instantly recovered my engine by removing diesel.

The team also drained my whole engine to avoid any loss due to miss-fueling. They took care of my car even better than me and no only removed the wrong fuel from engine but also fixed several small bugs in engine which could not even detect. Dr fuel team had a portable workshop on their vehicle which was equipped with latest equipment for car repair and maintenance. The team seemed expert in their job and I felt so relieved due to their quality service. They also shared detailed guidelines with me that how can I avoid any such situation in future.

Not only this, Dr Fuel team charged very reasonable rates for who service process and did not charge extra for reaching me at a distant location during an odd period of night. I considered it as my good luck that my friend recommended me such quality car fuel related issues repair company. They offer quality services for small and large vehicles, equipment and machines in industries and factories as well. If you get stuck in any situation like me where you need instant.

fuel recovery from engine of any of your vehicle, equipment or machine, just ring them on 0800-917-7033. You can also visit their website for more details https://www.drfuel.co.uk/. My first choice for any of fuel related issue of my car issue is Dr Fuel for sure.

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