If you have misfueled your engine, Dr Fuel is the best solution available in UK

If you have misfueled your engine, Dr Fuel is the best solution available in UK

Misfueling is a common mistake almost everyone does once in their life. Whether it is engine of your vehicle, generator, tractor or any kind of machine, wrong fuel can ruin life of the engine. If wrong fuel has been filled in the engine of your vehicle, the first thing you need to do is to remove it by calling an expert fuel removing team. There are several fuel recovery companies and workshops working but few offer 100% success rate. Dr Fuel is the name of reliability and assurance when it comes to safe removal of wrong fuel from the engine of your vehicle or any machine.

Dr Fuel is concerned about emergency needs of its customers with fast response, qualified technicians, specialist vehicles and coverage. We are available 24/7 for quality service anywhere you need us in Birmingham, Nottingham. We deal with incorrect fueling, wrong fuel rescue, fuel drain London and misfueling recovery. We have expert team of technicians who can understand the intensity of the emergent situation at shortest time to limit the damaging impact of wrong fuel poured in your vehicle.

We are a professional and innovative fuel recovery company in Birmingham who offer their quality and cost efficient services to deal with frustrating task of wrong fuel recovery. No matter where you stuck whether at your home or in the middle of your destination, we are always at your disposal to assure safety of your vehicles engine. Our expert team of technicians is aware of multiple kind of situations which not only address issues of clients in shortest time span but also deal with critical situations in a delicate way to ensure safety principles.

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Our technical support is available 24/7 and we ensure arrival with you within half hour no matter how far you are. We have dealt with clients who were stuck on distant locations where even gas stations are not available nearby. Our professional technicians are equipped with quality tools and latest equipment to sort out issues technically and in a safe way.

Our specialties which make us superior over our rivals in UK include 24/7 hours availability, fully equipped and professional team of technicians, latest recovery vehicle workshop, free fuel for customers to get them going again, and priming of fuel system to enhance its life time. We ensure removal of contaminated fuel Sutton cold field in a controlled manner. We transport, sort and dispose contaminated fuel by following EA and A.D.R guidelines. Our contaminated fuel recovery fleet is latest and in tidy condition to meet the highest standards. We ensure maintenance of equipment on regular basis. Our equipment pumps are fully ATEX approved for usage purpose and all of our equipment pipes are certified to EN1360 for use with petroleum products. You can call us anytime on 0800-917-7033 or 07717-620-630. You can also visit our official website https://www.drfuel.co.uk for more details. We are here to serve you to deal with any kind of panic situation you face. Your satisfaction is our priority.


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