What to Do in Case of Wrong Fuelling in The Vehicle

What to Do in Case of Wrong Fuelling in The Vehicle

You’d be surprised how many of us put diesel in a petrol engine or unleaded in a leaded tank…


We’ve all been known, on occasion to be absent-minded, have a mild case of temporary memory loss or simply make a mistake. Putting the Wrong Fuelling in your car can be an embarrassing, time-sensitive and an expensive mistake.

So, what do we do in case of misfuelling in our vehicles?


Whether you are at home, in a garage or perhaps on the side of the road, help is at hand but it is important you follow these steps:

  • Do not put the key in the ignition, do not start the engine and keep the car in neutral – this will lessen the chances of the incorrect fuel circulating in the engine, it will make life easier by causing less damage to the vehicle.


  • Keep calm – Though frustrating, do not panic, this won’t help the situation. Call Dr.Fuel, which will not only help the situation, we will solve it!


  • Make sure your car is in a safe place – if possible see if someone can help push your car to a safe spot. It is important that safety comes first for you and others around you.

What to Do in Case of Wrong Fuelling in The Vehicle


Your car needs a spa treatment

A Drain, Flush and Refuel service. This is a job that can only be done by professionals so make sure you don’t try this at home, or on the side of the road for that matter…

We provide a 24-hour wrong fuel service; a qualified technician can reach you between 60-90 minutes nationwide so you need not worry.

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