Dr Fuel Petrol in a Diesel Car – Fuel Drain Service in London

Dr Fuel Petrol in a Diesel Car – Fuel Drain Service in London

Dr Fuel Petrol in a Diesel Car – Fuel Drain Service in London

We don’t need to tell you how frustrating and damaging it is when you put Petrol in a Diesel Car. However, what you may need us to tell you is how to deal with such a situation…

Firstly, fear not, we at Dr. Fuel understand that these things happen, follow our steps below to give you the reassurance you need to handle the situation safely and confidently.

  • Depending on when you realize the error of your way avoids driving your vehicle. In the simplest terms, the science behind this might just save you from a hefty Turning your key in the ignition can initiate a domino effect causing serious damage to your fuel system, reducing lubrication and causing internal metal components to generate friction in the engine.

So if you don’t start your engine, the mistake can be rectified fairly easily and inexpensively. Do not try to drain it yourself. Wait for your Dr. Fuel professional to do that for you.

  • Be Get to the side of the road or if you are lucky and are still in the petrol station stay put but tell the station staff of your error. They will have seen it before and can help keep you calm.
  • Call us at Dr. Fuel, our 24-­‐hour Wrong Fuel Recovery Service is on hand to get you back up and running as soon as

This service was specially designed for exactly these types of occurrences, so you can rest-­‐ assure that we have professional, highly qualified recovery experts to get you back on the road. No matter where you are Dr. Fuel covers the nationwide, so you don’t have to think twice about calling us.

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