Mr Fuel saved our trip by providing instant wrong fuel recovery service

Mr Fuel saved our trip by providing instant wrong fuel recovery service

Having a bunch of good friends is the best thing one can have in life. We are group of 6 friends connected since school days. We made number of good memories by visiting different places inside and outside UK and having regular hangouts during school and college days. Even after we were done with college studies, we kept in touch and continued hangouts. This made us stronger and never let any distance fade our bonding. On New Year eve of 2018, we decided to plan a barbeque night in suburbs of London to recall those several years eves which we celebrated together.

The plan was flawless and we arranged a barbeque sight and also planned to explore surrounding areas of London together. Everything was just perfect and by 2 PM on 31st December, we left home. Being outside London, it took 1.5 hours to reach inside central London and further 45 minutes to reach the destination we had planned for barbeque night. We had a plan to setup barbeque and sitting arrangements after that we would set out for exploring London suburbs and about 10 PM we had to reach back to the set location. We hired two jeeps for this purpose and set out for visiting side areas of London.

It was a really pleasant sight and we kept on wandering and exploring different areas for almost two hours. At one point I realized that our vehicle had gone lost somewhere and our friends were left behind somewhere else. The mobile connectivity was low and we were not able to reach them through phone. Moving the jeep, at one side line, I saw our second jeep was stopped at a point and my friend was trying to fix something in its engine. I stopped the jeep and asked about the problem, he stated that he doubts the jeep has misfueled.

I had no idea about wrong fuel recovery but I had once called Mr Fuel for recovery of wrong fuel from my house generator. I luckily found their number in my contact list, fortunately they picked up my call at first ring. I shared the whole matter, the representative of Mr Fuel responded fast and we had their team with us within coming 30 minutes despite of distant location.

They checked the engine in detailed and told my friend that he had put wrong fuel in jeep. We got worried as we had hired those cars on self-drive service, in case of any damage we could had to pay huge sum as compensation. They immediately changed the wrong fuel using their latest pumps and other equipment. The team of Mr Fuel removed the effects of misfueling and provided us fuel for reaching nearby gas station as well. The immediate and high quality service of Mr Fuel not only saved us from huge loss but also let us enjoy our New Year eve as we had planned.

They provide wrong fuel recovery service nationwide in UK. You can also call them for removal of wrong fuel from any kind of engine by calling them on 0800 917 7033 or 07717 620 630.

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